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Nuku Ora - ICT Services

Nuku Ora, formally Sport Wellington, is the independent body for physical activity in the greater Wellington region. Nuku Ora believe physical activity has the power to transform lives. Nuku Ora engaged Gemtech to develop an Information Systems Strategic Plan covering all aspects of their technology environment including people, process, information, applications and infrastructure.

Gemtech Consultant, Richard McIntyre, was subsequently asked to assist in scoping the Digital Strategy Programme. He provided Programme Management and Procurement Management services across the Digital Strategy Programme.

The Digital Strategy Programme consisted of three projects including:

1. Office Productivity – migration of Nuku Ora Office Productivity from an on-premise model to Office365, including design and implementation of a new SharePoint based content management solution.

2. Website – updating the Nuku Ora website and upgrading the content management platform to the latest version of Silverstripe.

3. CRM – migrating and consolidating the Nuku Ora relationship management technology environment from two bespoke solutions to a Dynamics 365 CRM solution.

As part of the CRM project, Richard worked with the other Regional Sports Trusts to establish a model where the Nuku Ora CRM solution (on Dynamics 365) could be applied as a template to the other Regional Sports Trusts. This allowed leveraging within their own Office365 environments. This model enabled significant savings for the participating Regional Sports Trusts who shared the costs of developing the Dynamics 365 CRM template.

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