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Property & Environment

Property & Environment (P&E) is a key division within Gemtech. P&E offers the full range of consultancy services to support asset owners in the provision of optimised ‘whole-of-life’ management of their vertical property portfolio. P&E also offers consultancy services in the broader environment space, including Resource Management, Land Management, Infrastructure (e.g., Water Services and Transport) and Climate Change (e.g., Carbon Neutral).   

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Our Services

P&E consists of subject-matter experts in all facets of their services, including (but not limited to):  

  • Strategic Asset Management and Planning  

  • Facilities/Lease Management  

  • Property Acquisition, Planning and Procurement  

  • Better Business Case Development  

  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M3) and PMO Management   

  • Property/Asset Management Maturity Assessments   

  • Property Department Organisational Design  

  • Investment Delivery Assessment (e.g., Benefits and Project Delivery)  

  • Policy, Research, and Implementation Plans  

  • Spatial Plan, Strategy/Roadmap and Action Plans  

P&E has a demonstrable track record in achieving tangible results, which is attributable to maintaining a strong focus on delivery through robust stakeholder engagement and communications. P&E’s innovative and “can-do” attitude, commitment to continuous improvement and a willingness to deeply understand the uniqueness of the clients’ requirements and expectations are reflected in the enduring relationships with our clients.  

The P&E Team

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