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Rosalie Chamberlain

Principal Policy Analyst and Technical Writer

Rosalie is a talented policy analyst and technical writer. She specialises in plain language and ensuring that business content is accessible, easy to read and up to date with legislation and standards.

Rosalie helps organisations to improve strategy, compliance and workplace health and safety. She works with subject matter experts to develop clear policies, mandatory requirements, principles and processes that provide clarity for staff. She makes complex information simple.

Recently, Rosalie has developed a new Defence-wide logistics policy suite to help ensure the safe management of operational energy across the NZ Army, Navy and Air Force. She has also led policy redevelopment projects for the NZ Police, Climate Change Commission and the new Children and Young Person’s Commission.

Rosalie has 25 years’ experience in policy development, technical writing, project management, stakeholder engagement, marketing and communications. She is a member of the Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand (TechCommNZ) and the Project Management Institute.

021 297 7899
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